236: Tips for Writing Resumes and Rocking Interviews

29 Oct

College interviews are not as big a deal as you think, but there are still some easy tips for how to knock them out of the park. In fact, it is nearly impossible to screw up your interview unless you … Read More »

235: Is it Even Possible to Make School Work “Fun”?

22 Oct

At a recent speaking gig about how to tackle procrastination, students asked Gretchen how to make school work fun! They seemed incredulous that “fun” is even a worthwhile pursuit when it comes to school. Listen in as Gretchen provides a … Read More »

234: Military Academies and How to Get Accepted

15 Oct

Military academies require a lot of extra work to apply to, but it can be worth it for the high quality free education they provide if you get in. In this episode, Megan answers this listener question and details the … Read More »

233: How One University Teaches Study Skills

9 Oct

Indiana Wesleyan University has revamped their Learning Center and peer tutoring programs to be more “Study Cycle” friendly. Back in August Gretchen interviewed Melissa Sprock,¬†Indiana Wesleyan University‚Äôs Learning Center Director, and opened up the interview for others to attend on … Read More »

232: Colleges are Marketing To You

1 Oct

If you have a high school junior or senior, you’ve probably seen the college admissions marketing machine in action. Colleges are spending about $1 million dollars each year to attract new students and there are some things you need to … Read More »