245: Do Aptitude and Interest Tests Help with College Admissions and Choosing Majors?

31 Dec

Many high school students feel pressured to choose a college major before they ever arrive in college — during the application process. Megan walks us through whether it makes sense for students to take aptitude and interest tests to figure … Read More »

244: Finding a Good “Safety” School

24 Dec

You’ve likely heard the advice to make sure you include a “safety” school in your college list. However, what exactly does that mean? Megan helps you understand the two types of “safety” schools you will want to consider, and provides … Read More »

243: The Power of Atomic Habits (and How to Skim a Nonfiction Book)

17 Dec

There’s a new book about habits that’s all the rage right now: Atomic Habits by James Clear. Gretchen does two things at once in this episode: teaches you how to skim a nonfiction book effectively while also introducing you to … Read More »

242: The Most Important Factor in College Admissions

6 Dec

Are you surprised by what the “most important factor” in getting into college is? Gretchen was surprised when Megan told her that it’s the high school transcript. This episode contains everything you need to know about your high school transcript. … Read More »

241: Six Unusual Ways to Save Money on College

3 Dec

The cost of college continues to skyrocket! That doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t all kinds of ways to save money wherever possible. Tune in to hear Megan’s wisdom about each of these money saving tips: Work as a Teaching … Read More »