249: The Limitations and Realities of Taking AP Classes in High School

28 Jan

Many AP Coordinators at high schools list all the benefits of taking AP classes, but rarely do they list the drawbacks and limitations. Megan spells out for families a number of reasons why you might not want to take AP … Read More »

248: Why Teens Tell Fibs and How Parents and Educators Can Respond Effectively

21 Jan

Teens tell fibs more often than parents wish. Some of them are pre-meditated and manipulative, but often they are a primal response to fear, especially in students with learning differences like ADHD. In this episode, Gretchen walks you through her … Read More »

247: What Megan Did Right (And Wrong!) as the Parent of a Senior Applying for College

14 Jan

As a college consultant who guided her own daughter through the college application process, Megan realizes there are some things that she would have done differently if she could do it over again!  Tune in to hear how her personal … Read More »

246: 8+ Non-Boring Ways to Study for Tests

7 Jan

The key to effective studying for tests is a brain-based trick called “retrieval practice.”  Most students forget to do this when studying. They might review their notes or text book, but they forget practice “retrieving” it from their brain (which … Read More »