253: How to Find Meaningful Summer Activities – From the Archives

25 Feb

Summer is a great time to do meaningful summer activities that benefit your college application. Tune in to this episode from the archives (February 2015 to be exact), as Megan and Gretchen discuss how to choose activities that will help … Read More »

252: Two Straightforward Steps to Taking Great Notes

18 Feb

Too often educators teach specific note taking strategies like Cornell Notes without teaching students WHY they work. Tune in to hear Gretchen outline a straightforward approach to helping take better notes. Specifically, she discusses: Review the Study Cycle, which summarizes … Read More »

251: An Overview of How to Prepare for the ACT & SAT Admissions Tests

11 Feb

There are 5 key steps to take when planning how your high school student will take their college admissions tests. In this episode, Megan gives a detailed description for how to make a 4-year plan for managing your college admissions … Read More »

250: How to Nurture Mistake-Friendly Environments at School and Home

4 Feb

The science shows us that mistakes are an important part of learning and growing, yet our schools and homes are often structured to punish students for making mistakes. Why is this, and what can be done to create environments that … Read More »