257: Why Students Struggle on SAT / ACT Math & How to Improve Scores

25 Mar

Many students complain that they are not “math people” and therefore struggle on standardized math tests. Join Megan as she breaks down three reasons why students tend to struggle needlessly, and five strategies for improving their scores. Specifically, she explores: … Read More »

256: 6+ Ways to Study for Tests in Five Minute Bursts

18 Mar

Students often worry that studying effectively for tests will take more time than they have! In this episode, Gretchen takes a deep dive into retrieval practice, which is arguably the most important things students can do when studying. Specifically she … Read More »

255: Mindfulness Tools for Upping your SAT & ACT Performance

11 Mar

There’s an important yet overlooked ingredient to performing your best on standardized tests! In this episode, guest expert Logan Thompson details how to apply some simple tools from the world of mindfulness to turboboost ACT and SAT performance. In a … Read More »

254: Finding Scholarships – Specific Steps and Realistic Expectations

4 Mar

Finding the right scholarships takes planning! Megan breaks down how sophomores and juniors in high school can consider scholarship potential as they’re narrowing down their list. Specifically she shares: How to have realistic expectations for how much money is and … Read More »