262: Everything You Need to Know to Rock Your Finals

29 Apr

It’s final exam season again! In this episode from the archives, Gretchen walks you through exactly how to prepare for your final exams. Tune in to the episode to hear more about each of these tips: Map out your entire … Read More »

261: What Families Should Know About Medical Care on Campus

22 Apr

Have you ever considered whether your new college student’s medical and mental health needs will be appropriately met by their school’s on campus resources? Megan outlines 10 tips for families to consider about campus medical care as they prepare to … Read More »

260: 10 Tips for Learning Even If Your Teacher is a Bad Explainer

15 Apr

How do you get help in a class where you’re convinced your teacher is a “bad explainer”? Gretchen walks you through 10 practical tips for things to try first before giving up on getting answers from on your teacher. The … Read More »

259: Is Getting Into the “Right College” Worth All the High School Stress?

8 Apr

Student stress is at an all time high! What is the cause, and what can parents, students and educators do about it? Join guest Mary Hofstedt from Challenge Success to learn about the results of an interesting research project on … Read More »

258 – Spring Cleaning?! 10 Ways to Get Organized Before Finals

1 Apr

The final slide to the end of the semester can feel like a drag for students and parents! Try a few of these simple “spring cleaning” tips to create some momentum, and also get organized BEFORE finals roll around: 4 … Read More »