270: 7 Types of Tools Students Need to Study Strategically

24 Jun

How full is your study toolbox? In this “mini-cast” episode, Gretchen shares the 7 different “toolkits” students need in order to study as effectively and efficiently as possible. Here’s the list, but make sure you tune in to hear details … Read More »

269: Strategies for Pacing on the ACT and SAT

17 Jun

Do you ever run out of time on standardized tests? Does it feel impossible to get all the questions answered? Welcome to our summer mini-casts! In this one, Megan shares several strategies for how to pace yourself on the ACT … Read More »

268: Are You Studying Accidentally or Strategically?

10 Jun

So many students study accidentally, or at the very least, incompletely. What’s the alternative, that delivers better learning and better grades in less time? Why, “studying strategically,” of course! Gretchen calls her course for educators The Art of Inspiring Students … Read More »

267: 12 Insights from Neuroscience to Teach & Learn Better

3 Jun

Ever wish you could ask a neuroscientist all your questions about teaching and learning? Today Megan and Gretchen got to interview professor and author Jared Cooney Horvath about his new excellent new book, Stop Talking, Start Influencing: 12 Insights from … Read More »