275: Is College Board’s Adversity Index Necessary or a PR Grab?

29 Jul

The College Board recently announced that each student will now be assigned an adversity index in addition to their SAT scores. In this short summer podcast, Megan walks us through what the adversity index is and how she’s been thinking … Read More »

274: Try New Study Strategies, Even if They Are Not Your “Learning Style”

22 Jul

One of the important ingredients of studying strategically is cultivating your willingness to try new strategies, even if they require effort and are uncomfortable. Gretchen breaks down why this is, and tells some stories from her recent educator training about … Read More »

273: What Watch Should You Wear at the SAT & ACT?

15 Jul

Since you can’t wear a smart watch when you take the SAT & ACT, what kind of watch SHOULD you wear? Megan breaks down the importance of bringing your own time piece for your wrist, which one to buy, and … Read More »

272: The Fine Line Between Coaching and Teaching: A Controversy

8 Jul

There’s a common controversy that comes up in Gretchen’s educator trainings: Should academic coaches teach students skills, or must they remain neutral parties who draw out the student’s inner wisdom? This controversy comes up because life coaches are taught not … Read More »

271: 13 Things Colleges Look for In High School Students

1 Jul

Wish you knew exactly what colleges look for when they evaluate high school students? In this “mini-cast” episode, Megan share’s a list of skills and experiences that help high school students stand out from the crowd when applying to colleges. … Read More »