279: College Confidential: The Good, the Bad, and How to Use It Effectively

26 Aug

The website College Confidential is problematic if it’s the main place you get your college search info. However, there are some ways it’s useful, and Megan breaks down exactly how. Specifically, she shares: Two great things about the purpose College … Read More »

278: A Surprising (and Fun!) Way to Use LinkedIn for Your College Search

19 Aug

Did you know that LInkedIn is a great place to search for information about what kinds of jobs students get after graduating from which schools? Megan and Gretchen had no idea…but a parent listener Mary did. Listen in as she … Read More »

277: Mistakes Families Make When Choosing High School Courses

12 Aug

Many families of high achieving students sign up for too many specialized courses in high school, and forget to prioritize the core curriculum. Megan walks us through a set of reasons why we don’t want to make this mistake. Specifically, … Read More »

276: 6 Ways Adult Learners Are Just Like Teenagers

5 Aug

As Gretchen teaches adults in her courses for educators, she’s started noticing a number of similarities between the grown ups and her teenage clients. In this episode she outlines 6 bad habits that all learners seem to have, regardless of … Read More »