284: How a Student with F’s and ADHD Got into Her Dream University

30 Sep

Gretchen’s former client Tatiana had a bumpy transition from her last two years of high school into college. She quickly dropped out of a college that she wasn’t very excited to attend, that that started a long but fruitful journey … Read More »

283: Is There a Perfect Planner for Students?

23 Sep

The perfect planner is so elusive! Gretchen shares some reflections about the criteria that EVERY planner system must meet in order to help students organize their lives… especially if they executive function issues. Specifically she and Megan discuss: Four problems … Read More »

282: How to Honestly Evaluate How Strong a College Candidate You Are

16 Sep

Top students think they are the top of their class — so shouldn’t their admission into top universities be a sure thing? A look at the numbers tells a different story. About 35,000 valedictorians in US– not enough seats in … Read More »

281: How to Calendar the Entire School Year in One Sitting (From the Archives)

9 Sep

It’s time for another super relevant podcast from the archives! For juniors and seniors, there are so many important dates to remember and plan around related to academics, extracurriculars, and the college search. Megan walks you through how to sit … Read More »

280: How to “Convince” a Resistant Teen to Try Coaching

2 Sep

Parents: What if you know your teen needs coaching, but they simply aren’t interested? Gretchen gives you some pointers for how to get them ready to accept the idea of getting academic support. Specifically, she shares tips for how to: … Read More »