292: 15+ Anti-Boring Ways to Study for Final Exams

25 Nov

Study Smorgasbord! Gretchen lists more than 15 anti-boring strategies students can choose from as they prepare for final exams, to make sure that they’re practicing retrieval and encoding in new ways. Tune in to learn: The 3 most important steps … Read More »

291: How to Pay for College with ROTC Scholarships

18 Nov

For students open to spending a few years in military service after college graduation, the ROTC offers generous scholarships. Join us for an interview with Lieutenant Colonel Robert Kirkland, as he explains how families might take advantage of this opportunity. … Read More »

290: Will My High SAT Score Make Up for a Lower GPA in College Admission?

11 Nov

In today’s episode, Megan responds to a mom’s question about how to choose what schools her son has a chance of getting into based on his high SAT but average GPA scores. Here’s Sandra’s question: Any tips on how to … Read More »

289: Q&A – College Apps, Homeschooling & the Duke TIP Program

4 Nov

We love it when families reach out with questions! Today Megan and Gretchen tackle topics related to college admissions, the Duke TIP program for 7th graders, homeschooling, and more! Switching to ACT. My son thought the SAT would be his … Read More »