297: Have We Really Been Podcasting for 7 Years?!

30 Dec

Can it be that we are still podcasting as we start our 7th year?! We’ve outlasted many of our “competitors” who were also doing college prep podcasting back in 2014 when we began. Join Megan and Gretchen as we reflect … Read More »

296: Updated Advice — Do You Need to Take the Written Essay on the ACT/SAT?

23 Dec

The advice has changed! Although we used to suggest that students should always write the “optional” essay on the ACT/SAT, now it really depends. Tune in to hear the updates on this key college admissions topic. Specifically, Megan walks you … Read More »

295: Junior Year Status Check – Are You on Track with Essential College Tasks?

16 Dec

Junior year is supposed to be “the most important year” of high school! Megan breaks down why that is, and gives you a 5-part checklist for how to tell if you’re on track with making the most of the year. … Read More »

294: Learning How to Learn: Hot Tips from a University Learning Center

9 Dec

University learning centers are a lesser-known gem on college learning centers. Guest expert Lauren Hensley from the Ohio State University explains about how their learning center helps students learn how to learn, and provides tips for parents and students about … Read More »

293: 7 Types of Students and Their Study Blindspots (Reprise)

2 Dec

There are 7 different types of students, in Gretchen’s experience, who have 7 different approaches to school and studying. As final exams approach, it’s a great opportunity to explore each type of student’s weaknesses in regards to studying, and what … Read More »