301: Listen In On One of Gretchen’s Training Calls with Teachers

27 Jan

Have you ever wondered what teachers’ who care about student learning talk about when they’re in a room alone withe each other? In this episode Gretchen lets you “in” on what the discussions in her Anti-Boring Educators’ Club are like. … Read More »

300: Don’t Stretch the Truth; Colleges Are Fact Checking More Applications

20 Jan

Thanks to the Varsity Blues scandals, colleges are reviewing their application policies and looking to improve the integrity of their admissions systems. What does this mean for high school seniors applying to colleges? Tune in to find out. In today’s … Read More »

299: Parenting Differently Wired Kids with Debbie Reber

13 Jan

Parenting is always challenging, and being a parent of a “differently wired” kids comes with its unique set of adventures. Listen in as parenting expert Debbie Reber shares tips for navigating the transition from homeschooling to high school with a … Read More »

298: How to Reduce the Harm of Constant Comparison

6 Jan

A downside of being a student is that you’re the subject of constant comparison to other students — whether it’s related to smartness, grades, SAT scores, or what college you got into. There are some simple ways adults can shift … Read More »