305: How to Do College Visits and Why They’re Important

24 Feb

Visiting colleges is an important factor in deciding what school to go to! Megan breaks down the who, what, when, where, why and how of planning and going on your college visits. Specifically she discusses: why college visits are important … Read More »

304: Why Students Don’t Ask for Help and What to Do About it

17 Feb

There are two huge reasons why students don’t ask for help, but this can change with a little prodding. Gretchen breaks down how to help students get over their discomfort with looking “stupid” and asking the right questions to get … Read More »

303: In-State Tuition – Who Qualifies and What is the Cost Difference?

10 Feb

There are a number of misconceptions that families have about state schools and in- and out- of state tuition. Megan breaks down everything you need to know if you’re considering going to a state school (and might convince you why … Read More »

302: Select the Right High School Classes to Avoid Common Pitfalls

3 Feb

This episode is a re-broadcast of episode 30 originally published on February 30, 2015. However, the content is still relevant today! Enjoy. It’s course selection time at high schools across the country! If you’re the parent of a rising freshman, … Read More »