310: Tips from Admissions Insiders About What Colleges are Really Looking For

30 Mar

Ever wonder what the folks in college admissions departments actually think about students’ applications? Maxine Seya actually interviewed several of them, and learned a lot in the process, which she shares with the College Prep Podcast. Join Gretchen and Megan, … Read More »

309: How Teens Can Accept Defeat with Grace (In College Admissions and Beyond)

23 Mar

It’s the time of year students get the news about what colleges they have (and haven’t!) been accepted into. The reality of the rejection is a lot harder than many families expect. Megan and Gretchen reflect about how parents can … Read More »

A Personal Message from Megan & Gretchen

19 Mar

Should we change our podcast programming during the Corona Virus shutdowns? Megan and Gretchen decided not to, and explain why during this check in. Megan also gives an update on college admissions for high school juniors and seniors.

308: Advice About Corona Virus Changes to Schooling and College Admissions

16 Mar

The Corona Virus is changing everything for parents, students, and teachers, for the short term and possibly the long. Megan and Gretchen weigh in about how to maneuver through all the changes one day at a time. Specifically they discuss: … Read More »

307: 10 Ways to Stay Awake in a Boring Class

9 Mar

School is boring much of the time! So how do you stay awake and engaged when your whole system wants to tune out? Gretchen walks students through more than 10 simple ways to keep yourself going so you can learn … Read More »

306: The Differences Between High School and College Learning with Leonard Geddes

2 Mar

Many students experience a rude awakening when they get to college, and realize they aren’t ready to do the kinds of learning and thinking tasks college professors expect. Guest Expert Leonard Geddes breaks down the key differences between high school … Read More »