314: A Fascinating (and Free!) Career Exploration Tool for Teens

27 Apr

Introducing the ASVAB, a completely free tool to help students discover their career aptitudes! Guest expert Kate McLean breaks down why this is such a useful tool, and how families might get access to it. Specifically, she discusses: What the … Read More »

313: Take Your College Visits to the Next Level [Reprise]

20 Apr

College visits can get repetitive and boring, and the “official” tours offered by the school don’t always reveal the hidden details that help you make a decision about which school is best for you. In this episode from the archives … Read More »

312: Tailor Your College Application to Improve Your Admission Chances

13 Apr

Admission to state universities can be very competitive. Your chances of admission increase significantly when you tailor your college application to the specific focus on each school on your list. Listen in a Megan visits with Wei-Li Sun an expert … Read More »

311: Is Freshman Year Too Soon for SAT Subject Tests & Test Prep?

6 Apr

Recently we got a question about when students should take their SAT subject tests. Tune in as Megan answers that question…and provides other tips about test prep for the subject tests. Here is the exact question the mom Nathalie asked: … Read More »