323: Urban Legend or Reality – Do Colleges Actually Rescind Offers of Admission?

29 Jun

Teachers often threaten that students need to stay academically engaged through senior year because colleges might take away their offer of admissions. But is this a myth or reality? Megan weighs in with the following discussion: Why it is indeed … Read More »

322: Teach a Surprising Amount in Under 10 Minutes with the “Mini-Lecture”

22 Jun

Everyone has less attention span these days. How can educators package the most important study theory and strategies for students in a way they will actually hear? The answer is the “mini-lecture” and Gretchen unpacks what that is and how … Read More »

321: Big Issues to Consider Before Writing College Admissions Essays

15 Jun

Summer is the best time to write your college admissions essays! So how should you get started? Megan walks you through four steps including: Get organized — know what schools, what questions, how many unique essays and short answers you … Read More »

320: Help Students Rely Less on Nagging and More On Themselves

8 Jun

How can students take responsibility for reminding themselves to follow through on tasks large and small? Without relying on mom or dad for nagging? In this mini-episode Gretchen shares one of her favorite ways to get students to start thinking … Read More »

319: Semester, Trimester, Quarter, or Block Schedules– Which is Best?

1 Jun

Which college schedule is best for a student with ADHD – semesters or quarters? Recently one of Gretchen’s Anti-Boring Approach Licensed Coaches sent an email asking just that, and Megan & Gretchen chatted about it on this episode of the … Read More »