331: Ten Tips for Learning from a Screen

24 Aug

There’s going to be lots of virtual learning this school year! Check out these ten tips for how to learn best when your teacher, textbook, and tools are all (or mostly) via a screen. How to set up your space … Read More »

332: Updates for the SAT, ACT & PSAT: Who Should Test & Who Should Wait

10 Aug

Although many colleges have relaxed their requirements for standardized testing this year, many students still want to take the SAT, ACT or PSAT. Megan walks you through how to decide whether you should go ahead with testing as planned, or … Read More »

330: The Weirdest School Year Ever – A Personal Check In

10 Aug

Welcome to the weirdest school year ever! We thought it would be a good idea to check in with each other, share about our strange summers, and look ahead to plans for a very different kind of school year. Tune … Read More »

329: How Will Cost Play a Factor in Your College Choices?

10 Aug

College is expensive! Megan provides some tips for how to start thinking about costs, and talking about it with our student and family members. She covers topics such as: How to talk to your student about the reality of college … Read More »

328: Calendaring Habits to Get in Gear Before School Starts

3 Aug

Some students are super resistant to using calendars. What can parents do to nurture the habit of calendaring? Tune in to hear more details about the following 4 tips from Gretchen: Make sure they HAVE a digital calendar and that … Read More »