336: How To Make College Visits Like A Pro with Danielle Marshall

28 Sep

Not sure where to start with visiting colleges? Have you visited a school or two only to get overwhelmed with information? In today’s episode, Megan talks with Danielle Marshall, author of “The College Visit Journal: Campus Visits Demystified.” Danielle knows … Read More »

335: One Black Student’s Advice for White Academic Coaches

21 Sep

What does one black student wish white academic coaches would know about how to better support him about race? Recently Gretchen sat down with a former client to have a straightforward conversation about race. In this excerpt from the longer … Read More »

334: Understanding the PSAT & National Merit Scholarships

14 Sep

The PSAT is practice for 95% of test takers. But for the other 5% it is an important test that qualifies students for the National Merit Scholarship competition. Learn more during this episode about how to tackle the PSAT, whether … Read More »

333: Tips for Families at the Start of the Weirdest School Year Ever

7 Sep

What are academic coaches noticing as they start working with students this school year? Listen in as six Anti-Boring Approach coaches share reflections based on their coaching sessions thus far this year. Each one also shares a specific tips for … Read More »