340: A Crucial Learning Habit for Students During Distance Learning and Beyond

26 Oct

Now that so many students are studying virtually, they learning world is limited to two dimensions. That means that now, more than ever, students need to learn the power of 3D learning tools — what Gretchen calls the “Study Senses.” … Read More »

339: How to Build Strong Virtual Relationships with Professors

19 Oct

In this new age of virtual learning, how does a student build a strong enough relationship with a teacher in order to ask for a letter of recommendation? Megan and Gretchen take on the following listener question: One fear I … Read More »

338: How to Read a 400 Page Book in Under 2 Hours

12 Oct

One of the most time consuming activities for students is reading! Tune in to discover simple tips for reading faster and more effectively than you ever thought possible. The section of the book readers usually skip (but shouldn’t) How to … Read More »

337: How Colleges Evaluate Applicants – The Breakdown

5 Oct

Don’t fall prey to myths about how colleges evaluate their applicants! If you have a full understanding of all the criteria, you can better plan for a more successful college search. Here’s the breakdown: Know the 6 factors that are … Read More »