347: Access Scholarships: How to Find, Apply, and Earn Scholarships with Ayden Berkey

Who doesn’t want to make college life easier and more affordable?

Today Megan talks with Ayden Berkey of Accessscholarships.com a new site for students to find scholarships and resources that are:

  • Personalized to your year, school, area of study, etc.
  • User friendly and readable
  • Recent (no old, out of date listings here!)
  • Student tested (Ayden is a 2020 graduate!)

Ayden shares her tips for transitioning to college and making the sholarship process easier and more successful.

Listen to hear:

  • resources for finding relevant scholarships
  • who should apply for scholarships
  • how to track your progress
  • different types of scholarships to consider
  • and much more!

As a 2020 college graduate, she also shares some of her tips for academic success and what it was like to graduate during a pandemic.

You can connect with Ayden through her website, AccessScholarships.com, or on Instagram @accessscholarships.

And the printable resource page mentioned in the episode can be found here: https://accessscholarships.com/student-deals-resources/resources