348: Ways We Hope Schools Don’t “Go Back to Normal”

21 Dec

As we celebrate the holidays together, let’s envision what’s possible for schools and schooling!

How can we use some of the changes forced by this global pandemic to create something beautiful and new, and not just “go back to normal”? The following quote by Sonya Renee Taylor has inspired this episode:

NOT GOING BACK TO NORMAL - All Saints Parish, Brookline MA

Listen in as Gretchen and Megan imagine what might be possible, if schools bravely choose to “not go back to normal”:

  • How standardized testing in college admissions might change
  • The ways in which meaning, purpose, and mental health might be more deeply infused into schooling and the college admissions process
  • Some practical changes to campus visits, counselor presentations, and the Duke TIP program
  • How the process of teaching and learning in classrooms might shift
  • The ways in which academic habits and skills might take focus over content
  • Curricula centered around racial justice
  • And much more!

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