353: AP or Not to AP: Controversy & Considerations [Reprise]

25 Jan

(This episode originally aired in March 2018) The national average of number of AP classes taken by students admitted to top universities is five to eight total. That’s a lot! Deciding whether to take (or not take) Advanced Placement classes … Read More »

352: Stop Telling Students to “Study” & Try This Instead

18 Jan

When students grades are lower than you’d like, how do you talk them through improving them? Too often parents tell students to “study,” but that’s not enough. Here’s how to get specific about what actions students can take. In today’s … Read More »

351: Start the New Semester Better Than Before

11 Jan

It’s the start to a new semester, which means a fresh start and one more opportunity to turn the school year around. Tune in as Gretchen and Megan discuss tips for how to set yourself up for success this spring. … Read More »

350: Unconventional Ways of Getting to the College of Your Dreams

4 Jan

Not every student is built for an immediate transition from high school into the college of their dreams. Megan lays out unconventional pathways that can help students who need more support transition into their ideal college. Specifically, she discusses: School … Read More »