357: Supporting Undocumented Students with the College Search Process

22 Feb

The college search process is intimidating for any families; add an “undocumented” status, and it becomes even more complex. In this episode, Megan walks us through some basic things to think about for any undocumented students and families, as well … Read More »

356: What (Not) To Do When Hiring An Academic Coach

15 Feb

There is more and more demand for academic coaches! If you are a family considering whether to hire one, listen in to this discussion about how to find the right one… and how to set your student up for success. … Read More »

355: Realistic Strategies for Reducing College Costs

8 Feb

Concerned about the high cost of college? Join the club. Megan walks families through seven strategies to reduce the cost of college. This is a “must-listen” for anyone getting started with the college search journey! She covers topics like how … Read More »

354: 6 Academic Resources Students Don’t Use Enough

1 Feb

A crucial life skill we need to teach our teens is how to ask for help and take better advantage of the resources right under their noses. Tune in as Megan and Gretchen brainstorm the resources they wish students would … Read More »