362: Best Practices for Empowering Black & Brown Students with Guest Taryn Fletcher

29 Mar

Today’s podcast is a special interview with school leader, consultant and author Taryn Fletcher. She and Gretchen will be discussion Dr. Fletcher’s new book In All Lanes: Action Steps for New Leaders to Empower Black and Brown Students, Rethink School, … Read More »

361: Does It Matter What Academic Skills We Teach Students First?

22 Mar

Parents and educators often ask, “What order should we teach our students what academic skills?” In this episode, Gretchen rethinks whether the Study Cycle, her model for teaching students how the brain learns, really should be the center of her … Read More »

360: The Absolute BEST Way to Prep for College Success

15 Mar

If you want to prepare your student to get in the perfect college for them, there really is a clear front runner that you absolutely should be paying attention to. In this episode, Megan breaks down the importance of making … Read More »

359: Engaging Your Reluctant Teen in College Planning and Academic Success

8 Mar

Many students don’t want to start thinking about college until they’re a junior (or even a senior!) in high school. However, it’s important to start them exploring college, and improving their academic track record, when they’re in middle school and … Read More »

358: How to Stay Motivated in the Midst of Increasing Pressure

1 Mar

Note: This podcast episode originally ran on November 24, 2014 as Episode #18. Are you stressed out at this point in the semester? It’s hard to stay motivated in the face of increasing pressure, but it’s not impossible if you … Read More »