366: Tips to Help Students Plan & Study for Finals

26 Apr

It’s a month until final exams in the United States. What can teachers do to help set students up for less stress and more success this finals season? Listen in as Gretchen lays out 5+ tips including: how far in … Read More »

365: Scams (and Shams) That Target High School Students & their Families

19 Apr

Families are sometimes so desperate to afford college that they jump at “opportunities” that are actually scams. Megan walks you through four types of offers families will want to say no to, including: Scholarships for a fee and financial planning … Read More »

364: Mental Health Tips for Students at This Stage of the Semester… & Pandemic

12 Apr

Students’ mental health is struggling more than ever at this stage of the pandemic. Gretchen and Megan discuss the available resources to support students, along with tips and trick for everyone to make it through to the end of the … Read More »

363: 5 Secrets to Taking Multiple Choice Tests Well

5 Apr

Too many students struggle with multiple choice tests. Often, this difficulty is not that they don’t know the material but rather because they haven’t learned how to take those tests well. Listen in as Megan provides her top five tips so you stop losing … Read More »