371: What to Know About the Latest Changes in College Admissions Testing

31 May

If it seems like there are changes every few months in colleges admissions testing, there are! Megan walks us through the latest shifts, and gives advice for families who are transitioning their students to college in the next few years. … Read More »

370: Have You Considered Taking a Gap Year?

24 May

Many students are exhausted with learning during a pandemic, and more and more are considering taking a gap year between high school and college. In this episode, we chat with Rebecca Barr from www.EFGapyear.com about how gap years work and … Read More »

368: 6 Steps to Wrap Up Your Semester

10 May

It’s the end of the semester! Here are 6 straightforward tasks that will help you wrap things up, and position yourself to take a full break this summer, and then rock the next school year. Gretchen and Megan chat about: … Read More »