368: 6 Steps to Wrap Up Your Semester

10 May

It’s the end of the semester!

Here are 6 straightforward tasks that will help you wrap things up, and position yourself to take a full break this summer, and then rock the next school year.

Gretchen and Megan chat about:

  • How and why to clean out your files and get set for the next school year
  • the importance of verifying the accuracy of grades and transcripts
  • how to reflect about what worked and didn’t in a way that helps you remember for next year
  • a trick to making sure summer assignments get done well
  • the importance of updating your resume with all your school year activities, and
  • (for juniors only) how and when to ask teachers for recommendations.

Have a great summer everyone!

This From the Archives episode originally aired on May 23, 2016 as episode #106.