379: Case Study – An Innovative “Study Lab” Helps Frazzled First Gen Students

26 Jul

When students can’t make it anywhere else, they are often placed in “alternative” or “independent study” schools. How does a teacher in this environment help students with the skills they need, especially when they come from backgrounds with a variety … Read More »

378: When You’re Kicked Out of College First Semester

19 Jul

What happened when one of Megan’s students got kicked out of college his first semester of freshman year? Megan walks us through what happens you a student gets too much freedom too soon, and includes some tips for the types … Read More »

377: Case Study – How One School Achieved a 50% Drop in “Worried Parent” Calls

12 Jul

The impact of teaching a study skills class to middle school students has some surprising benefits! In this Summer Case Study episode, Gretchen shares about an innovative Study Skills program for 7th graders. Not only did the requests for one-to-one … Read More »

376: When You Get Rejected from Every College You Apply To

5 Jul

What happens when you assume you’ll get into all your college choices and don’t include a back up school? Sometimes you can get rejected from every school you apply to! In this shorter summer episode, Megan walks us through this … Read More »