388: Should You Use the Pass/Fail Option When It Comes to Grades?

27 Sep

Some high schools are respond to the COVID crisis by allowing students to take some classes pass/fail. When does it make sense to do this, and when are you hurting your college admissions if you do? Megan breaks down the … Read More »

387: 7 Tips for Taking Your First Test This Semester

20 Sep

The first tests of the school year are happening now for many students! Check out these 7 tips for how to get prepped to take your first assessments, including: Understand the study cycle. For more info about this, see www.gretchenwegner.com/actionguide … Read More »

386: What’s Impressive for College Admissions?!

13 Sep

Have you heard of the new AP Capstone experience? Megan shares about what it is, whether it’s worth all the work for students and schools, and what’s truly impressive for colleges (and what isn’t). This podcast episode was inspired by … Read More »

385: The Most Important Question to Ask This School Year

6 Sep

What’s the one question we should be asking students, and ourselves, this school year? Gretchen shares what a simple question that is becoming more and more central in her work with students, educators, and coaches starting their own businesses. The … Read More »