392: How to Get (or Write!) an Amazing Letter of Recommendation

25 Oct

Find out what colleges are looking for in a good recommendation letter, what teachers should and shouldn’t say, and what families can do to help ensure that your letters knock it out of the park. In this episode that originally … Read More »

391: How to Respond When a Teacher Humiliates You in Class

18 Oct

Have you ever had a teacher who called you out in class? Did you feel humiliated? Gretchen and Megan talk out a recent situation Gretchen encountered with a college student, including how to assess what your next actions should be … Read More »

390: A New-ish Take on Accountability for Students… and All Humans!

11 Oct

Accountability is a word that sounds dry and tedious. But what if it were inspiring and fun? Gretchen reimagines accountability by telling a story of a sneaky way she supports her clients (adults and kids) to take action, and asks … Read More »

389: Identifying (and Fixing!) Your College Admissions Weaknesses

4 Oct

It’s not as complicated as you think to identify your college admissions weaknesses. But it CAN be confusing to figure out how to fix them! Megan breaks down a simple process for figuring out how to look your best for … Read More »