401: How Better Sleep Helps Us Learn Better Too + Hot Sleep Tips

27 Dec

Did you know that better sleep actually helps us learn? But so many students choose to get less sleep because they are cramming or trying to learn! Megan shares what she learned from the book Why Sleep Matters, and provides … Read More »

400: Six Myths about College Admissions That Students Should Stop Believing

20 Dec

[This episode originally aired November 23, 2015.] There are six common myths and misunderstandings that many students and parents believe that cause extra stress senior year. They may also hurt your prospects for getting in to college. Megan breaks them … Read More »

399: Teaching Students (and Ourselves!) to Run Self-Experiments

13 Dec

What’s the best way to motivate students (and ourselves) to change behaviors? One way is to teach them how to run self experiments. Through stories and examples, Megan and Gretchen discuss what it means to self-experiment, why it works, and … Read More »

398: Final Exam Studying – Advice for Teachers and Students

6 Dec

It’s final exam time! What can teachers do to better set students up for their exams? What can students do to better prepare? Gretchen lays down the anti-cram law with some study tips for everyone. Specifically she and Megan discuss: … Read More »