406: The Study Tool That Every Classroom & Home Needs NOW!

31 Jan

It’s the start of a new semester, which means time to hone your study skills!! Tune in while Gretchen breaks down her three step study cycle, and explains how to use a very specific study tool to rock your learning … Read More »

405: Finding Scholarships – Specific Steps & Realistic Expectations

24 Jan

Finding the right scholarships takes planning! Megan breaks down how sophomores and juniors in high school can consider scholarship potential as they are narrowing down their list. Specifically she shares: How to have realistic expectations for how much money is … Read More »

404: “Turn Your Camera On!?” How to Help Students Participate Better in Class

17 Jan

Students are hesitant to turn their videos on in zoom classes. What other ways are there to participate effectively in virtual (and in person) classes? Gretchen shares some wisdom from a recent teacher PD she taught. Specifically, she and Megan … Read More »

403: What We Really Should Pay Attention to About Student Mental Health

10 Jan

Student mental health troubles is at an all time high! How can families and educators pay attention to the signs, and what can we do to better prioritize our student’s health and happiness first and foremost? Gretchen and Megan discuss … Read More »

402: Some Surprising College Rejection Lessons

3 Jan

This fall we’ve seen some students rejected from schools where they expected offers of admission. In some cases these rejections seemed surprising. However, Megan lays out why the rejections made so much sense, and what famillies can do to avoid … Read More »