410: More Note Taking Strategies for the Savvy Student

28 Feb

Gretchen is hot off of a speaking gig all about note taking, and was impressed with the good questions the high schoolers asked her. Hear her answers, and take your note taking to the next level. What if you can’t … Read More »

409 – How to Get Accommodations on the ACT / SAT

21 Feb

Would you benefit from extra time on the SAT, or other accommodations? Megan breaks down everything you need to know about accommodations on college prep testing. Together with Gretchen, she discusses: who can receive testing accommodations what accommodations are possible … Read More »

408: Two Straightforward Steps to Taking Great Notes

14 Feb

Too often educators teach specific note taking strategies like Cornell Notes without teaching students WHY they work. Tune in to hear Gretchen outline a straightforward approach to helping take better notes. Specifically, she discusses: Review the Study Cycle, which summarizes … Read More »

407: Controversy – How Binding Is Early Decision & What You Should Know

7 Feb

Recently the New York Times shared an article questioning how binding early decision admissions truly are to families. Megan shares more about the controversy that erupted, and shares her own two cents about how families can navigate early decision with … Read More »