416: Let’s Take Teacher (and Student!) Burnout Seriously with Kendrea Hart

11 Apr

What is a school psychologist in a public school in Los Angeles seeing in regards to teacher and student burnout?

Guest expert Kendrea Hart and Gretchen Wegner speak openly and vulnerably about teacher and student burnout including:

  • what Kendrea’s seeing in teachers and students in her own school and across the country
  • the unique challenges of teachers not being able to close the door to protect themselves from stressors,
  • why “self care” is more than a buzz word, and how schools can make more time for teacher self care
  • their own experiences with burnout and attempts at self care routines
  • and a lot more.

Kendrea Hart’s company Mzima Consulting will be offering a retreat this summer to help address teacher burnout and self care. For more information about that retreat, click here.