419: Key Issues in College Athletic Recruiting with David Robinson

2 May

Megan talks with Coach Rob– David Robinson from Scholar Champion Athlete Recruiting– as he outlines some key issues to understand college athletic recruiting process. Listen as they discuss:

  • How coaches view the process
  • How what you see on tv represents only 5%
  • The need to assess your talent and how to do a backwards assessment
  • When to start the process
  • Why most prospective college athletes have an admissions issue not a talent issue
  • Some surprising numbers when it comes to NCAA athletes and $$$
  • How athletes should promote themselves and
  • Why it is essential to view recruiting with a business mindset.

David Robinson is the Founder and Director of Recruitment for Scholar Champion Athlete Recruiting. He has taught college prep and English at the secondary level, served as a Head Coach in the NCAA, and holds professional degrees in both Sport Management and Education. He is also the author of the new book “Winning the Ship: How to Win the College Athlete Recruitment Game”. You can find Coach Rob online: