440: Stop Student Brain Drain and Take Charge of Technology

26 Sep

We are draining our brains of much needed energy and attention, thanks to social media and the way new communication technologies work. Tune in to discuss a single act that all families can do to help preserve parents’ and students’ … Read More »

439: Time Management or Study Skills: What’s First on the Agenda This School Year?

19 Sep

What should students focus on first this semester, to get things started off right? Megan gets some personal coaching from Gretchen about how to help her son get into better gear this year, and we also discuss how to help … Read More »

438: September: Tips for Teachers AND Students for Getting Off to a Great Start

12 Sep

What can families and educators be considering as we slide into September? Megan and Gretchen share a short checklist of important tasks to consider related to college admissions, academic skill development and classroom routines, as we all try to build … Read More »

437: How & Whether to Build More Rigor Into Your High School Schedule

5 Sep

We love student questions! Yvonne wrote in concerned that she doesn’t have enough rigor in her high school schedule, and wanted to know what to do about it. Megan walks us through how to think about “rigor” in high school, … Read More »