445: How To Identify (And Fix) Common Causes of Procrastination

31 Oct

Many students struggle with procrastination–sometimes for surprising reasons. Erin Wilson of Seattle Success Coaching shares the 5 primary reasons students procrastinate and multiple strategies to get past your desire to put off tasks. There might also be times when procrastination … Read More »

444: Success in Admission Starts with the Right List of Schools [reprise]

24 Oct

This episode originally aired in September 2017. Most admission disappointment start now, with families who don’t take time to create the right college list. Listen in as Megan walks you through the 6 kinds of schools you should definitely apply … Read More »

443: College Admissions Essays: Frequently Asked Questions

17 Oct

Essays can be a key factor in successful college applications. Guest co-host Erin Wilson asks some of the most frequent questions she’s hear from students. Which topics are overdone? Should you disclose a disability? Should the essay focus on your … Read More »

442: October: How to Make the Most of the Inevitable Dip This Month

10 Oct

Hopefully you’ve settled into this semester! October is a good time to identify academic weaknesses and make plans for improvement. Gretchen offers strategies for families and teachers to assess progress and work on better habits and grades while there is … Read More »

441: College Orientation: A Make or Break Factor for Student Success

3 Oct

College orientation is not usually a factor students and parents consider when choosing what colleges to apply to, but it should be! Megan walks us through what makes for a good orientation, the power of meaningful connections as soon as … Read More »