449: Why Colleges Say No–Top Reasons for Rejection

28 Nov

Rejection can hurt and leave us wondering “why?” Megan covers some of the reasons a college might say no to a student. Erin and Megan also discuss how many colleges to apply to and how to strategize when applying to … Read More »

448: Do Colleges Want to See Depth or Breadth?

21 Nov

We’ve all heard that colleges want to see involved students who show academic readiness by completing a rigorous high school program. But do colleges prefer depth– specializing in fields like STEM or humanities, focusing on one or two extracurriculars, or … Read More »

447: How College Rankings Hurt Students

14 Nov

College rankings have been in the news again. Columbia University fell from #2 to #18 after lying about student data. Rankings are flawed and rarely reflect families’ college priorities, but they captivate audiences and continue to drive admission decisions at … Read More »

446: November: Middle of the Semester Tasks for Success

7 Nov

The month of November is deceptively calm for some students, but there are still college planning and academic tasks to complete. Tune in to find out how students can work this month to make the end of the semester much … Read More »