458: What’s the Point of College?

31 Jan

The listeners ask whether college is about getting a job or being a well-rounded human (Liberal Arts education). Megan and Erin debate the topic with a little help from a listener that wrote in about her experience. So, what is … Read More »

457: How to Find Meaningful Community Service Opportunities

23 Jan

Megan and Erin answer a parent question today about service opportunities and where to find them (even with a busy schedule). Erin gives her top three places to look for meaningful experiences and Megan shares a few opportunities that have … Read More »

456: Stop Saying “This Is So Hard!”

16 Jan

Megan has been hearing students (and her son) say that they “have so much work to do” and that things are “so hard.” How can we help students reframe their thinking? Erin gives a mini-primer of Growth Mindset and encourages … Read More »

455: What You Need to Know About the New Digital SAT

9 Jan

Yes, you read that right, there is a new SAT coming and Megan helps answer all of the questions about what has been announced thus far: Erin and Megan also discuss some of the potential challeges with the new testing … Read More »

454: What’s the Best Advice You Have Received?

2 Jan

We kick off the new year with advice we were given and want to hear yours! Erin talks about a study she read and wonders – how do you get others to take your “good advice?” Link to researcher Lauren … Read More »