466: Should We Rate Schools Like Ski Slopes?

27 Mar

Megan and Erin chat about the verbiage of college (again) but with a suggestion from a parent on terminology. There is a powerful discussion about how to choose which of the colleges you are accepted into and Erin shares an … Read More »

465: Strategies around going for ED, EA, REA, regular and rolling decisions

20 Mar

A parent Erin works with was asking for clarity about the alphabet soup of acronyms for the various types of college applications. Megan breaks down her strategy for when to apply to schools and how to build momentum as the … Read More »

464: The Importance of the GPA in the College-Admissions Process

13 Mar

A parent, Elisa, wonders about GPAs–what is weighted versus unweighted? How much do they matter in the college admissions process? Megan shares her best advice for choosing a course of study to make you attractive to colleges while Erin encourages … Read More »

463: Homeschooling, Dual-Enrollment, CLEP/IB/AP-credits, and College: What You Need to Know

6 Mar

We hear from Susan, a parent who, after the rigamarole of homeschool college applications, had a few questions and some tips for other parents. When should students enroll in a program outside of homeschooling? How do colleges look at GPAs … Read More »