470: How to Stop Managing Your Child

24 Apr

Erin always talks about enjoying rather than managing your child and Megan wants to know how to actually do that! Erin provides strategies for talking to your kids as an anxious problem-solving parent and Megan shares some real-world examples of … Read More »

469: Wins and Loses in Admissions This Year

17 Apr

Megan and Erin have college admissions results coming in and they share what they are noticing. What has worked and what hasn’t? What strategies do they have for minimizing unwanted impacts? How has the push for test-optional schools changed the … Read More »

468: The Answers You Don’t Actually Want

10 Apr

Megan tackles some of the honest College Prep answers that families don’t want to hear. Sometimes, tough love is the answer and here are all of the things people ask that Megan winces before answering. Erin asks about whether to … Read More »

467: Why is Single Sex Education a Hard Sell?

3 Apr

Erin wonders why so many students are reluctant to consider single-sex institutions. She shares a little of the background of the Seven Sisters and her experience at a women’s-only college. Megan and Erin try to dispel some myths and compare … Read More »