439: Time Management or Study Skills: What’s First on the Agenda This School Year?

19 Sep

What should students focus on first this semester, to get things started off right? Megan gets some personal coaching from Gretchen about how to help her son get into better gear this year, and we also discuss how to help … Read More »

438: September: Tips for Teachers AND Students for Getting Off to a Great Start

12 Sep

What can families and educators be considering as we slide into September? Megan and Gretchen share a short checklist of important tasks to consider related to college admissions, academic skill development and classroom routines, as we all try to build … Read More »

437: How & Whether to Build More Rigor Into Your High School Schedule

5 Sep

We love student questions! Yvonne wrote in concerned that she doesn’t have enough rigor in her high school schedule, and wanted to know what to do about it. Megan walks us through how to think about “rigor” in high school, … Read More »

436: How a Student With F’s and ADHD Got Into Her Dream School (from the Archives)

29 Aug

Gretchen’s former client Tatiana had a bumpy transition into college and quickly dropped out. Tune in to hear her tell her own story and learn how she went from despair to elation, eventually transferring to her dream university. This episode … Read More »

435: Megan & Gretchen Review Their Summer and Plans for Fall

22 Aug

Megan and Gretchen catch up, sharing stories about their epic adventures this summer– including international travel, new experiences, and family updates. They also look ahead to what exciting things are coming for the fall. Gretchen has big plans for the … Read More »

434: This Month in August– College Planning & Academic Issues

15 Aug

August means back to school for many students. Even if you don’t return to school until September, there are some planning issues you may want to work through now. Gretchen shares what she considers key issues for academic planning in … Read More »

433: I Wish I Knew How to Best Offer Career Counseling to Students

8 Aug

Over the years, Megan has tried a lot of approaches to helping students choose careers and college majors, but she still doesn’t feel there is an ideal approach. In this summer episode, she and Gretchen outline what they do know … Read More »

432: I Wish I Knew: How to Help Students Better Pay Attention to Attention

1 Aug

This summer Gretchen is unpacking 9 totally valid cognitive challenges that she wishes she’d known more about earlier in her career. Today we look at the limitations of selective attention and the constraints of mental effort and selective attention. To … Read More »

431: I Wish I Knew: How to Build My Own Support Team

25 Jul

When Megan was a student herself, she wasn’t great at building her own support team. In this summer episode, she shares what she has learned about this important human skill, and how parents and educators can help student practice self … Read More »

430: I Wish I Knew: How to Talk to Students About “Learning Transfer”

18 Jul

This summer Gretchen is unpacking 9 totally valid cognitive challenges that she wishes she’d known more about earlier in her career. Today we look at the ineffective learning strategies and students’ struggles to transfer learning. To download the full list … Read More »