004: Realistic Options to Save and Pay for College

Realistic Options to Save and Pay for CollegeHow do college-bound families keep up with the escalating, and ever changing, cost of higher education? Is it possible to make a realistic plan for paying for college that works with your family’s budget?

In this week’s episode, Andrea Travillion reveals 5 tips about how families can begin to save and pay for college:

  • how to start saving as soon as possible, even if your student
  • how to use an online savings calculator to keep up with changing costs
  • it’s never too late to start saving, even if your teen is well into high school
  • how to include your children in the conversation about the costs of college
  • how to think about whether student loans are right for your teen, and how much debt to take on
  • how to find scholarships in surprising places,
  • and more.

Her favorite free resource to direct families to is Federal Student Aid. The information they provide is super valuable, and a great start for families wrapping their minds about how to pay for college.

Andrea Travillian is a financial coach. She has a degree in finance from the University of Iowa and a MBA from Creighton University.  She is the kids and money expert for about.com and has written a book on how to teach your preschooler about money. Find out more at  Take a Smart Step.