474: The Good and Not So Good of Checklists

22 May

Erin took a deep dive into the world of checklists. Human Factors of Fight-Deck Checklists: The Normal Checklist – Degani and Wiener: https://ntrs.nasa.gov/citations/19910017830 The Checklist Manifesto – Atul Gawande: https://www.amazon.com/Checklist-Manifesto-How-Things-Right/dp/0312430000 Under Pressure – Gareth Lock: https://www.thehumandiver.com/underpressure

473: How to Talk to Your Teachers

15 May

Students have strong opinions about talking to their teachers. That makes sense since it can be intimidating. Megan and Erin discuss why you should talk to you teachers, when you should talk to them, and how to do it! And … Read More »

471: Ideas to Improve Student Success in Math

1 May

Megan has noticed that students have gaps in their math knowledge, even when they are getting tutoring. Erin reflects on her time as a math teacher and provides some tips for numerical literacy and how to avoid simple math mistakes.