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  • 12-Month SAT Success Online Prep Program ($795 value) — won by Irene N
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  • 16 GB iPad Mini ($300 value) — won by Dawn P.
  • Amazon gift card ($50 value) — won by Ramesh D.
  • Starbucks gift card ($50 value) — won by Jessica C.H.
  • Amazing Grades:  101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster 10 copies available ($24.97 value) — won by Carrie O., Tammy, Edmond, John, Lesa, Shaelyn N., Jennine D., Eryn K., Maya Y., and Elle W.

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52 Replies to “Podcast Launch Contest

  1. Even though I am past the time in life when I’m concerned about my own children having the money for college, I appreciated learning about the recommended process parents should follow today as I now have grand children. I also wish I had had easy access to this information while I was still teaching high school students as I would have been able to have a more grounded conversation with my inner city, minority students about foundational steps they should be taking to create their own funding strategy. I thought the podcast covered different strategies (saving as early as possible; choosing colleges wisely with job trajectory and likely salary, cost of tuition, and probable loan repayment ability in mind; and early scholarship research) in an easy to understand way. Bravo! I’m looking forward to listening to the remaining pod casts and will pass on the link to some of my colleagues who are still teaching.

  2. Hi, I am going to be a senior in high school this September and have a question about colleges. Which school do you think would be good for someone who wants to be a PA, and what major would be the best to study? Thank you!

  3. I am so thankful that you are sharing your wisdom with everyone. I feel like we will be better prepared to navigate the “path to the perfect college”. It makes me excited to think about my children’s futures!

  4. The hardest class I ever took was Organic Chemistry at Texas A & M. My roommate and I were in the same class, so we made big posters with all of the chemistry reactions that we were required to memorize and posted them all around our apartment. Some reactions were so long that they went half way around the room! It was an awful sight; but, we survived those two dreadful semesters.

  5. Alisha,

    Thanks for the question. We will answer this on a Q&A episode. If you would like a more detailed answer give us some details about you (test scores, class rank, etc.) and the type of things you want in a college (location, campus vibe, size, etc.) The more specific you are; the more specific we can be when answering your question.

    Megan & Gretchen

  6. 🙂 Love those posters!

    My sister (this is Megan) has a PhD in organic chemistry. I remember sitting at her graduation sounding out words from her dissertation title, a humbling experience.

    Megan & Gretchen

  7. Hi! I am new to listening to podcasts. I downloaded Podcast Republic to my phone (no iTunes here) and I cannot find a Rate and Review option. I can only see the top half of the logo. I can, however, listen to the podcasts!!! If you have any technical support advice, I will try it!

  8. Kessika,

    Thank you for listening. We will accept this as a completed entry. You may be able to rate and review by going to the iTunes website on your computer. Hope you enjoy the podcast.

    Megan & Gretchen

  9. I am absolutely thrilled about this podcast. I am a teacher and academic coach and think that Gretchen has some practical, creative and innovative ideas…. I love that she ties everything back to how the brain works. I would love to hear some podcasts on essay writing strategies and advocating for yourself. Many years ago, I completed my undergrad in psychology, but was required to take an advanced stats class. I survived this class by working together in groups – this was a great way to share knowledge, keep positive and stay engaged.

  10. Thanks, Carrie. Glad you survived stat! We know a lot of people struggle with math in high school, college, and grad school and can benefit from strategies such as working with a study group. (We won’t tell you which one of us was captain of the high school math team!)

    Thanks for listening to the podcast!
    Megan & Gretchen

  11. Are elite Liberal Art colleges worth the price when no college can guarantee your goal or success?

    Thank you so much for sharing your expertise. As a homeschool parent, it is nice to have a path to follow that takes away some of the stress.

  12. Truly love listening to both ladies! Very informative. I always learn so much from their expertise and tips. Thank you!

  13. Nice program! The hardest class I took was Calculus. Had to get tutoring and put in long hours studying it to survive that class.


  14. I think it would be SO helpful to get practical study tips and advice on how to transition from senior year to freshman year!

  15. I subscribed, reviewed and starred under my iTunes acct which is dizzlet82 [at] hotmail.com 🙂

    My hardest class ever was Geology 101… I had SUCH issues trying to remember the different classes of rocks, types of rocks, etc. Eventually I had to have a meeting with the teacher where we decided that if I did a number of extra credit reports (I could write very well at least) I would pass with a C. Thank goodness! lol. Saved my bacon (and my scholarship!)

  16. I subscribed and did a rate/review. I’m not sure what my Apple ID is bc it never asks for it so I must’ve saved it at some point. It’s probably cstone412cs or caitlyns412
    Anyway, for my question,
    I did 2.5 years of nursing school at Fitchburg state in MA. A lot of stuff happened and I ended up having my grades drop and got “kicked out of the program”. It’s been at least 8 yrs, but I’d love to go back. Maybe not to nursing but I just want to go back. I have a ton of credits. I had a minor in psych that I’d like to finish for counciling….but where do I start!
    Any ideas of what I should do?
    If you need to contact me I’m cstone412.cs@gmail

  17. This was very interesting and not looking forward to the grandkids trying to get into college. I will have to pass this on to their parents for them to look at. Thanks.

  18. The hardest class I took was stats. Every time the prof was asked a question he answered “I am not prepared to go into that at this time”. This was a self taught course!

  19. OMG. The hardest class I took was quantum physics. It is rocket science. How do I use time to the max to help my study skills & learn quicker & more efficiently ? WOW, ipad is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. . It is tight, fly & off the chain. . Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  20. First of, thank you for this podcast service. Very informative, whether it’s about tiny habits or organizing a folder etc. May be couple of future topics could be how far ahead should a high schooler start preparing for college admission or what key aspects to bring out in college essays.

  21. I’m going to point my siblings at this series… my nephews and nieces are just getting to the right age to make hard college choices and take steps to be ready for that. How has so much changed since the 80’s?

  22. I just subscribed, rated and reviewed as katygmorris.

    The most difficult class I ever took was calculus for engineers. My best resource for the class were the teaching assistants and the professor. I was a freshman and was intimidated in the huge lecture hall and enormous class size, but I used the office hours and they were more than happy to walk me through step by step. My advice to students us if you’re struggling in a class, go see the professor- and sooner rather than later!

  23. This is a great essential tool for college peepz. It will help them prepare more and to set their expectations of things to look up to in college. The podcast being free is also a great news!

  24. I appreciate any and all help navigating this higher education system we have in the US. As a parent of two in college and one to go, I’m not sure after all the advice, conversations, tips, internet reading, guidance counselor sessions, etc., and countless hours that I did it the right way for either of them. It’s overwhelming and very expensive, just an insane process. Hopefully your podcasts will help me even more for my son. I, too, am interested in lots of the topics and questions listed before me but would love to see a show on why any institution thinks it’s worth $45,000 or more per year to attend. And why is the US system so ridiculous compared to other nations.

  25. The hardest class I have taken so far is human anatomy and functions. It made microbiology look like a walk in the park. Lots of studying and group study and private tutoring with this course.

  26. My daughter has always has trouble with math, and we, as her parents,do not know anything about what she is taking or will be, calculus, for instance, I hope that there would be a podcast, as I’m sure there will be, and will be ever so helpful. Once she gets it, she gets it. It’s all in the teaching I believe. I have great hopes that this can be done in your podcasts. Thank you so much.
    She already is so organized, so it will be easier to tackle any problems with these podcasts.

  27. Fantastic podcast; I especially loved the financial information.

    Hardest class I ever took? Definitely International Political Economy. So many readings. I survived by learning how to skim read. Don’t try and read 10 twenty page articles each week for one class. You won’t even remember them. Read the intros/conclusions for all and figure out which ones you need to delve deeper into from there.

    Anyways, fantastic give-away. Crossing my fingers for that iPad!

  28. Thank you for launching this podcast. I am a parent of a brilliant but unorganized middle schooler. The topic you discussed about the 5th grader sounded very familiar! But the other topics were also extremely helpful in other ways, even though they may not apply to my situation today. I hope to be better prepared by starting sooner rather than later in terms of college prep for my children. A possible question for your next show… What can a parent do if their child is expressing that they do not want to go to college?

  29. Though I am a teacher of much younger students, I will be sharing this podcast with friends and colleagues who will benefit from the wonderful information. However, I found the podcast on procrastination helpful for myself. Great job, Gretchen and Megan!

  30. Great information. I’ve got one senior and three other kids coming up the ranks so these podcasts will help keep me on track! Would love to see some information on dealing with athletic scholarships and negotiation points that could be used in dealing with that

  31. Great Podcast and great information. Thank you. I suppose the question I wonder about is what can a student do to learn when he/she doesn’t have a good teacher. Is there a survival guide for a kid in a bad class?

  32. I’ve learn a few just right stuff here. Definitely price bookmarking for revisiting. I surprise how a lot attempt you put to make this sort of magnificent informative site.

  33. certainly like your website however you have to test the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I find it very troublesome to inform the reality nevertheless I will definitely come back again.

  34. My 11th grade daughter is definitely more interested in going to a small, private liberal arts college v. a larger state university; in fact, she is planning to apply only to schools with 2,200 (or fewer) undergrads. I think this choice is well thought out and it suits her perfectly. She has heard from friends and parents of friends, however, that this is crazy and that she should at least apply to a few state schools. Our question is: why? Thanks, and–love the podcast!

  35. I have had experience with classroom teaching K-Post Grad, including SAT Prep (class and tutoring). I currently work at an all-male post-graduate school. I find motivation to be the most challenging piece for the young men that I work with. With all of the other things that they are juggling (academics, athletics, building time-management skills), preparing for the SAT seems to fall way down the depth chart of their priorities. Do you have any tips or suggestions for how I might help them grasp how truly important it is to make the SAT two months from now a priority, even though they might have a paper due on Friday and a big game on Saturday?

  36. Amazing podcast!!! So glad that I started to listen to it!
    I am a freshman in high school. My dream is to go to college to study medicine. Although, since I just started high school, I have no idea where to start! I’m doing some after-school activities and I’m taking Geometry (a class higher than most freshman) but I’m lost after that. I have some questions like, should I take any after-school classes to get high school credits for college, ( since my school is a technical high school, they’ll only let me take 2 years of social studies). Also, should I take the PSAT and the SAT both in junior year? And where can I look for some scholarship opportunities?

    Once again, great podcast!

  37. I’m in college now and I’d be interested in learning about different test-taking and studying techniques that adapt to the greater expectations and sometimes more difficult courses in college. Is there much of a difference? I’ve been working with Gretchen for years but I’m sure others would appreciate suggestions on studying strategies for college students.

  38. Thanks for reminding me to get off my duff and get hooked up for this podcast Megan. GREAT INFORMATION from some very knowledgeable people. Cudos to you Megan! 🙂

  39. Megan is an amazing resource full of great information that she willingly shares. I have personally worked with her individually as a mentor as well as having her lead a large group of my students in a PSAT prep class.

  40. Thank you for this podcast. My son is a Freshman & I already stressing about college. Making sure he is well rounded when it comes to application time. Just want him to succeed and get into the college that he desires and be successful. I am very thankful for these resources..

  41. My son is in 8th grade now, and we know that it’s not too early to start planning for college – especially with his goal of being an aerospace engineer! I’ve loved Gretchen’s work forever, and I know that my son is in good hands working with her and following her advice. The addition of Megan makes it twice as good!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts and to spread the word!

  42. My kids and I have learned a lot from Gretchen. Her tips and techniques are simple and easy. My kids really enjoy her. So glad I found you Gretchen!

  43. The hardest class I took was 10th grade Business English. We were warned from the start of the class that it would be hard to receive a very high grade, but I wanted to get one. There are many hard parts, like the grammar / style parts. At the end of the first grading period, I got an A-, while I wished to finish with an A. However, I think that I would get an A for the whole semester (averaged) because I put in much more time in it for the second grading period.

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