040: How Important are Grades Really?

How Important are Grades Really?!Good grades are the focus of everyone in education — students, parents, and teachers. The elusive A is everyone’s goal.

But is this focus a help or a hindrance in terms of learning effectively and getting into college?

Tune in to hear our discussion on this important question, during which we discuss the following:

  • How grades are what help students see themselves as smart and capable, and ways to reframe definitions of success so that grades are not the only factor that play a role
  • How to help students see their own progress (or lack thereof), since they have a tendency to have tunnel vision and aren’t naturally inclined to notice patterns
  • Tips for what parents can do to ensure a healthier conversation about grades at home
  • The reality about what colleges are looking for in regards to grades, and whether a student’s GPA really is the “be all and end all” of the college admissions process
  • and more!

During this episode Gretchen referred to this video by Dan Siegel about the impact of screens on our sleep.

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