169: Requests for Teachers that Create Big Returns for Students

Teachers — you are powerful people in students’ lives!

There are a few simple tweaks you can make that will help students be better and less anxious learners and time managers. Now is a great time to plan.

Listen in to get details about Gretchen and Megan’s suggestions:

  1. Please strive to return tests within a week of taking.
  2. Do not make assumptions about learning differences or needs to use accommodations
  3. Try to update grades on a regular schedule.
  4. Don’t “gossip” about other students or share stories that may be taken as lack of confidentiality
  5. Make sure students have the correct answers to tests after they’ve been given, so they can accurately assess themselves when studying, and
  6. Reach out to parents BEFORE the crisis and/or to send “warm fuzzies”