181: How to Calendar the Entire School Year in One Sitting

9 Oct

For juniors and seniors, there are so many important dates to remember and plan around related to academics, extracurriculars, and the college search.

Megan walks you through how to sit down for a few hours and map out the year on your calendar, so that you aren’t hit with last minute concerns — and can stress less through the school year.

Her suggestions include:

  • academics– test calendar, major exams, etc
  • activities — performances, dates, games, etc
  • college concerns — SAT, ACT, PSAT, campus visits, college fairs, application deadlines (seniors), fafsa deadlines, etc
  • vacations / weekend travel — spring break is coming!

Also, Gretchen adds some suggestions about how families can make sure that mom or dad isn’t the only one with these dates on file — but that teenagers have access to them too!