185: Two Note Taking Strategies Every Student Should Master

How many note-taking techniques do you consciously use when learning from a textbook?

Gretchen describes two specific strategies that you can use now in school, and the rest of your life too.

Tune into this episode to find out:

  • how to skim your textbook chapters quickly
  • how to turn the information in a chapter into charts (strategy #1)
  • what it means to convert your chapter notes into “quizzable study tools” (strategy #2)
  • some examples of charts and quizzable study tools in the context of chemistry and history (see below for links to the textbook pages that Gretchen used as examples)
  • and more!

Here are the two texts that Gretchen used as examples in the podcast:

  1. pages 919-921 (Chapter 16.3) of Chemistry by OpenStax College
  2. page 295-297 (Chapter 30) of U.S. History by Wikibooks.org